Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Welcome Everyone!

Thinking to start a language class?!

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  1. Hello Tatsiana, greetings from Kosova!

    I've watched the video you posted and I found it quite funny and also interesting.

    I found it funny because people who have to speak English in certain cases (like the man in the video who tried to respond) and do not know English sometimes seem very funny. In the other way, I found this video interesting, because this is a way that could aware the students (especially some who don't express any interest into learning English), what would they do and how would they react in such cases?

    Finally, I think that this is a quite good example to show that how webs and technology can make people to reflect about their actions.


  2. Hello Tatsiana
    Wonderful start! Your blog really looks like an attractive place to read interesting ideas.

  3. Hello. Tatsiana.
    Thanks for all your comments on this on line webskill course. About the template of my blog( Color) . iam really exploring how to use it.Black color is only black color. About Halloween. i do not participate of that kind of ritual . Your ideas and comments are well appreciated for me. You are an intelligent teacher. Have a nice week end.

  4. Hello, Tatsiana,

    Thank you for your sharing this video.
    This is a kind of drawing belly laughter but serious one.