Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 1 Webskills Course

Hi all,

I created my blog a year ago, while investigating the opportunities of e-teaching. The easiest was to choose the design, and the most complicated - to find out how to embed a video I liked into posts. I eventually figured this out and that was all! No posts, no comments, no photos or videos... Why? ... I simply didn't have a sound reason to use my blog! I'm glad to have it now! The participaton in the Webskills course is a wonderful inspiration!

A blog can be used both by teachers and students. Summing up the views and opinions of Campbell and Ferlazzo, I can state that tutors profit from this technological advancement while using a blog as a source of information and a means of organisation. While contributing to a blog, learners master their writing skills in formal and informal situations, improving their reading and listening skills. If asked to submit their creative writing (songs, videos, poems, etc.), in a meanwhile students get the portfolio of their written works. In my opinion, individual students' blogs as well as class blogs can also help install social bonds within class and increase the sense of community. In addition, shy students are more likely express themselves, which is an advantage as well.

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